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How to embrace technology in your workplace

With the help of today’s digital tools, you could improve your company’s day-to-day productivity many times over, whilst enabling and sustainably supporting the growth of your business. Here are six of our favourite tips on how to empower your workplace with technology.

Switch to a cloud-based file sharing system

Today’s cloud-based file sharing platforms—like Google Drive, Dropbox and Microsoft OneDrive—were designed to overcome the slowness of shared hard drives, the inconvenience of document management systems, and the tedium of metal filing cabinets. A faster, more convenient, and more secure solution for any internet-enabled workplace, these products are quick to learn and easy to use, designed with the user in mind.

Choose your tools based on form (as well as function)

We live in an age where hundreds of apps can perform the same function, but only a handful will fit into how your team likes to work. When shopping around for the right digital technology, pay attention to what each product feels like to use. The better the user experience, the faster your teams will adapt to change, and the better they’ll perform over time.

Modernise your project management and time tracking

Project management and time tracking tools have come a long way in the last few years, yet many creative businesses still rely on outdated solutions that are themselves time-consuming to use. Consider switching to modern tools like

Other than offering greater visibility and flexibility, these products can reduce information double-handling by connecting to other technologies like calendar, reporting, invoicing and payroll platforms.

Encourage collaboration with team communication tools

Once upon a time, chatting online at work was frowned upon. Now, some of the most reputable business around the world rely on it.

Communication tools like

give your team a shared, organised and secure environment for getting answers, delivering critical information, and building productive working relationships. What’s more, they come with built-in features for recording and retrieving important conversations and files, and offer the ability to integrate with other digital tools.

Let your staff use personal devices at work

On average, a typical tech-enabled individual owns three to four personal devices that connect to the internet (source: GlobalWebIndex). By allowing your staff to bring and use their own devices at work, you grant them the kind of autonomy that contributes to workplace satisfaction and, by proxy, the motivation to perform.

Identify and empower your tech advocates

Just like how “one bad apple can spoil a bunch”, empowering one or two enthusiastic advocates within a team can inspire others to follow suit. The best technology advocates in your business are open-minded and friendly, and have the right mix of people skills to get others interested too. Once you’ve identified your candidates, get them on board and familiar with the technology first, then give them enough flexibility and space to work their magic.

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